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Our Background

We’ve been around for over 20 years, and love being part of the Canterbury community. Kristyna comes from a professional background, and now manages the office, as well as managing our two furry members of staff, Connie and Lulu.

For Clayton, his whole career has been within painting and decorating, starting as an apprentice and working his way up, with a brief intermission to play professional softball in Japan for a few years. Clayton manages everything out on the field, alongside his two right hand men.

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The best team for the job

The most important part of the company is our team. We’ve a great team of skilled guys and girls who all take immense pride in their work.

We love our trade, and it’s our goal to provide our customers with a high quality of workmanship while using high quality materials, alongside providing the best possible service.

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Clayton's Story

At the age of 15, Clayton knew that he wanted to start his working life. His grandfather was a skilled painter and decorator, and offered him some work with Neville J Lucas, an iconic painting company in Christchurch at the time. After 5 weeks working, Clayton started his apprenticeship, working with experienced tradesmen and learning from the best.

Armed with a strong work ethic, Clayton took everything in that he could, driven to become a skilled painter and decorator.

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By 18, Clayton was qualified and running sites as a foreman. His attitude has always been to share the hard work, work as a team, and be proud of the work at the end of the day.

By 19, he ventured out on his own, building up A1 decorating, a company that now employs 30 people.

Now in a management role, Clayton’s focus is to positively influence his staff, treat them with respect and arm them with the same passion and drive that he has to create great outcomes and great finishes.

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Where Decorating Meets Perfection

We often hear that ‘anybody can paint’, and while they can, they don’t have the wealth of experience that we have to complete complex tasks and get it right, the first time, transforming the space and creating a lasting impression.

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